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Spiritual Art Glass
Pet Memorials (Window and Cremation Urns) 

 Pet Memorial Gallery  

Our pet is our companion, our friend, and confidant(e).   Each time we  are reminded of our deceased pet, we usually can feel an energetic charge/emotion within us.   This is their spirit or soul aligning with our heart, even after they have left this physical world. 

Within the glass, I infuse a small amount of ash from the cremation.  When I create your memorial, I hold your pet with highest regard and will carefully handle their remains.  The small amount of  ash  will be imbedded in the glass.  (If you put salt on your ring finger nail is the best analogy for the amount of ash used)

This memorial provides an alternative to keeping  the spirit of our animal partner near in a more pleasing manner than a bag or container of ash.   Many of us spread the ash of our friend in the pets favorite play area.   With this  preference, you can still honor this need, and have the memory of your animal companion with you at any time. 

This is an excellent option for a keepsake memorial for family members.  

As an alternative or a compliment to a Window Urn, I create a Cremation Urn to receive the ashes of your favorite pet.  Cremation Urns are a beautiful way of preserving and presenting your loved one in an artistic way.  To view this option, click here.

Please contact me with your requests or view my events page to visit my booth at an animal or art show.  If you are considering this option, please bring a small amount of cremains with you to one of my events.

It is my honor to assist you in keeping your friend's spirit alive.  Prices for this service will be individually valued at $95.00 and $10.00 for shipping.    Each paperweight will have a physical size of 2.5 to 3.5 inches wide and 2.0 inches tall.  Because each is handmade, these are approximate sizes.  Custom orders are expected, so please feel comfortable asking.  After I create your memorial(s), I will invoice you when I ship.  If you like the end product, I ask you to satisfy the invoice.  Purchasing a gift for a friend can easily be done by contacting me through the website.  Thank you.

Intention used during the creation of the Window Urn:  "Everytime (insert owners name(s)) holds or views this paperweight, let the unconditional love of (insert animals name) be the example to carry into the world today."  Knowing how non-judgemental our animals are, let us try not to judge as we move through our day.  If everyone who owns this paperweight remembers this simple intention, and does not judge even once during the day, the world will be a better place.


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