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Spiritual Art Glass
Animal Cremation Urns 

I am honored to offer an artistic animal urn for your lost friend. 

My urns are individually made of hand blown glass.  The urn is constructed of two (2) separate pieces of glass.  The animals creamains are placed in a plastic bag within the vessel.  The lid is then applied with a couple of drops of silicone adhesive.  My designs and colors vary and you will never see duplicates.  Your urn will truly be a 'one of a kind'. 

Most urns will handle an animal up to 50 lbs.  My prices will average at the value of $150.00.  If you choose an urn in my current collection, then please contact me to arrange payment and shipping.

If your needs and colors are not available, then please contact me with your colors, size, and style.  I would be honored to create the resting place for your friend.

(Human cremation urns also available)


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